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  Volume - 1, Issue - 1, January-March, 2013  
  In This Issue  
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  Editorial i
  Rice: Systems of Cultivation  
1. Beushening: A Traditional Method of Rice Crop Establishment in Eastern India  
  Priyanka Gautam, B. Lal, J. L. Katara and Ekta Joshi 1-4
2. Boro Rice: A Way to Crop Intensification in Eastern India  
  B. Lal, Priyanka Gautam, B. B. Panda and R. Raja 5-9
3. Increasing Rice Production through System of Rice Intensification  
  Aanandi Lal Jat, S. L. Sirvi, H. R. Choudhary, Ekta Joshi, Manoj Kumar, B. Lal and Roshan Choudhary 10-15
  Tree Gum Tapping  
4. Tree Gum Tapping Technique of CAZRI Proved to be a Boon of Livelihood for Gum Arabic Tappers of Western Rajasthan in India  
  Moola Ram, J. C. Tewari, L. N. Harsh, H. A. Khan, Prahlad Singh, Poona Ram, Yogendra Singh, Manmohan Singh and Naveen Singh 16-20
  Protected Cultivation  
5. Protected Cultivation as an Emerging Agri-Entrepreneurship in Hilly Regions of India  
  Mayanglambam Bilashini Devi and Nisha Thakur 21-25
6. Off Season Cultivation of Cucurbits Under Low Tunnel: A Cost Effective Technology for Farmers of Peri-Urban Areas of Northern India  
  Nisha Thakur and Mayanglambam Bilashini Devi 26-28
  PGPR in Agriculture  
7. Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria: A Biological Approach towards the Production of Sustainable Agriculture  
  Rajesh Kumar Meena 29-36
8. Functional Role of Plant Growth Promoting Endo- and Rhizobacteria in Major Cereal Crops  
  Upendra Kumar and Tushar Kanti Dangar 37-40
  Bio-organism in Agriculture  
9. Biochar - The Future of Agriculture  
  Ekta Joshi, Manoj Kumar, Priyanka Gautam, B. Lal and Aanandi Lal Jat 41-48
10. Earthworms in Agroecosystem: Soil Engineer for Favorable Rhizosphere  
  R. K. Meena, Y. V. Singh, R. S. Bana and Vijay Pooniya 49-55
11. Biofertilizers and Their Role in Agriculture  
  Rachna Rana, Ramesh and Pooja Kapoor 56-61
12. Compatibility of Bio-agents with Chemical Pesticides: An Innovative Approach in Insect-Pest Management  

Shanker Lal Sirvi, A. L. Jat, H. R. Choudhary, Narendra Jat, V. K. Tiwari and Nahar Singh

  Short Communications  
13. Jatropha as a Crop of Wastelands in Rajasthan  
  Subhash Chandra, Kailash Chand Bairwa, Abimanyu Jhajhria and Dasharath Prasad 68-70
14. Aconitum ferox Wall. ex Ser.- An Important Medicinal Plant of Sikkim  
  Chandan Singh Purohit 71-75
15. Salinisation: Causes and Prevention  
  Manoj Kumar, Ekta Joshi and Aanandi Lal Jat 76-79


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