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The word popular as you know means well liked or most accepted and the word kheti means farming. So the meaning of Popular Kheti becomes most liked or well accepted farming. Popular Kheti is a quarterly Magazine in the field of Agriculture. The aim of the Magazine is to provide open access platform to authors to publish their knowledge & experiences and to readers to gain knowledge of popular activities in the field of agriculture. This mission is led to extend technologies from a region where they are quite popular to a region where they are not known so that others can benefit from knowing it. In hope of that it can be done by sharing our best agricultural technologies to each other, an initiation to publish the magazine, named 'Popular Kheti' was taken. To make this step a successful one, everyone linked to agricultural field, whether farmer, researcher, student, scientist, extension worker, or any other whether authors & readers of agriculture science are highly encouraged to share their knowledge & experiences in the field of agriculture. There are many things to share like, success stories on popular technologies in the field of agriculture, significant farmer's practices leading to dignified socio-economic conditions, practices those gained popularity in our ancient agricultural systems, Indigenous Technology Knowledge (ITKs) of agriculture, or even suggestions to improve our agriculture in changing agro-ecological scenario or any  activity of agriculture being popular in a particular locality or region could benefit the community. Most importantly there are many practices at farmers’ level attained by their long lived experience and traditional wisdom which needs to be shared from one geographical corner to the other for the sake of improvement in our agriculture.

The Magazine accepts articles written in simple English language. It is quarterly magazine producing four issues in a year viz., January, April, July and October. The first issue of the year i.e. January issue will be available on the website in the month of April, second issue i.e. April issue in the month of July, third issue i.e. July issue in the month of October and fourth issue i.e. October issue in the month of January every year.

Authors are requested to send their articles in editable microsoft word format through email to editorpopkheti@gmail.com.

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